5 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover.

If your website is more than 3 years old, the chances are it needs a makeover but that is easier, quicker and more affordable than you might think.


Not Mobile-friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly you are probably losing potential business. Simple as that.

Looks Dated

Part of the purpose of your website is to project your company image. If your website looks out-of-date your company looks it too.

Difficult to Maintain

The best person to update the contents of your website is you. Modern CMS (Content Management Systems) make that a breeze.

Difficult to Navigate

Gone are the days of multi-level menus, replaced instead with more vertical, scrolling formats (like this website) making navigation cleaner and simpler.

Too Much Stuff

Refreshing your website is a good way to revisit the information you are including and can help you clarify your business goals.