So, How Do You Get Started with a Website Makeover?

The process is quick, simple, affordable and takes up very little of your time. I'm so sure you'll love the result, you can try for 14 days before you buy. No Credit Card. No Risk.


& Prototype

To build trust and help visualise your goals, I want to put tangible results in front of you as soon as possible. So, together we build a prototype utilising as much information from the existing website as possible including company name/logo, colours, general information (telephone, address) and basic pages, such as home, product, services, about us/bio and contact.

& Share

The prototype website will normally be available within 48 hours and you can share this with as many people as you like for 14 days. We will collaborate during this time to add content and make any necessary changes to the website structure and appearance.

& Decide

If at the end of the 14 days you are happy with the way things are progressing you pay for the website, or a percentage if it isn't yet finished. Otherwise, the prototype is deleted and you pay nothing. Simple as that.
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& Support

We continue to work on the website until completion and any final payment is made. I will help you get the new website linked to your domain name if needed and then support you for at least 3 months with general queries, corrections and minor changes after going live.