Tim is formally educated to degree level but has never let this hold him back. After flirting with various career paths, he spent more years than he cares to think about as a freelancer designing Oracle systems for corporations. Drawing on the geeky and somewhat less geeky aspects of his broad experience he now runs Siteboosta. In addition to being tech savvy and possessing an almost pathological desire to solve problems, Tim is also able to empathise with small business owners and balance their needs with what is functionally available rather than simply indulging in orgies of the latest cyber-gimmicks as some in this field are prone to doing.

Unsually, Siteboosta also offers photography services by way of Tim's legendary enthusiasm for photography and quite alarming array of equipment.

Something of a 'Rebel Without a Clue', it has been said that Tim is quite a decent bloke and that his relaxed, patient manner (mixed with a 'dad joke' or two) helps to quickly build mutual trust and a lasting working relationship.

Tim has recently moved from Amsterdam to Brighton where he wishes he could have a pet dog.

On the odd occasion he isn't working, Tim enjoys avoiding Adam Sandler movies, obsessing about electric cars, making good coffee (as he has done since pre-hipster), cooking like an absolute manic and travelling to places where he can do all these things and be warm.