Website More Than 3 Years Old?

5 signs your website might be losing you potential business:

  • Difficult to navigate and not mobile-friendly (check here) reducing customer reach.
  • Difficult to maintain so information is often missing or out-of-date not informing customers adequately.
  • Looks old fashioned so your business seems out of touch.
  • Not properly showcasing what you make or do.
  • Not allowing clients to find what they need themselves, providing client support (and saving you money).

Benefits of Siteboosta & Squarespace

We deliver the benefits a website should, helping you look good and reach clients for less effort:

  • Look fabulous and work perfectly on any device from desktop and laptop to smartphone and tablet.
  • Clear, simple navigation.
  • Clean, up-to-date look & feel.
  • Easy to maintain and add information.
  • Perfect platform for showing off your products or services.
  • Excellent tools to make blogging a joy not a chore.
  • Easy-to-use search facility makes information easy to find.
  • Maximum compatibility with search engines like Google.
  • Stable and secure, backed up by 24/7 365 support.